• Log Burner Installation
      Local log burner installation

      • WiseFlue Log Burners are fully qualified to take on any aspect of Log Burner installation. We take enormous pride in our work and will go the extra mile to ensure that you and your new log burner are the envy of your neighbourhood.

      • Free Site Survey / Inspection

      • Free No-Obligation Quotation

      • HETAS Registered Installers

    • Frequently Asked Questions:

      • Can any property have a Log Burner installed?

        Yes, most homes are suitable or can be made suitable with a few modifications (all of which can and will be undertaken by our qualified, experienced engineers). You will have to check to ensure to see if there is any planning restrictions or lease terms which may restrict your options but other than that you should be ready to go.

      • Can I use my existing chimney?

        If it is viable then our HETAS registered installers will use your existing chimney. They will check to ensure that the chimney is safe and they will line the chimney to ensure maximum efficiency and, most importantly, to ensure that you and your family are safe. Not lining the chimney can have dangerous results for you and your family. We, at WiseFlue Log Burners, take your safety very seriously

      • I don't have a chimney, can I still have a log burner installed?

        Yes, our HETAS registered installers can build a Rigid Flue System, either straight up through the roof or out through the side of the building and up.

  • Plastering and Bespoke / Speciality Plastering
    No matter how complex, if you can design it we can plaster it!

    • WiseFlue Log Burners specialise in all aspects of plastering, both internally and externally. Below you will see a brief list of the plastering services available. The list is by no means exhaustive and you can rest easy in the knowledge that we, WiseFlue Log Burners, can carry out any plastering related task.

      • Plastering and Re-skimming

      • Dry lining / Over-boarding

      • Covering Artex

      • Fixing cracked ceilings or walls

      • Smoothing uneven or bumpy walls

      • Fixing holes in walls and ceilings

      • Frequently Asked Questions:

      • How soon after plastering can I decorate my walls?

        After about seven to ten days the plaster should be dry. The plaster will become a lighter powdery colour as the water in the plaster sets. After this time, it will be safe to paint or wallpaper the walls.

      • Do I really need a professional to do my plastering?

        Plastering is as much of an art form as it is a skill, as a result it takes years of experience to guarantee a beautifully smooth wall. It is, after all, your home so only perfection will do.

      • Can you patch damaged areas?

        Patching is fine but noticeable, and other parts of the wall or ceiling may crack in time meaning you will meet more expense than if the whole area was remodelled. We usually recommend that a damaged ceiling or wall be plaster boarded and plastered, then sealed with a plaster sealing paint. This gives you a whole new clean and smooth area ready to decorate.

  • Exterior Painting Services
    WiseFlue Log Burners are the best in the business when it comes to exterior paintwork.

    • At WiseFlue we have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your exterior painting needs are met to the highest of standards. You can trust us to have your property looking its best in no time. Below are a few examples of our exterior painting services. It is not a comprehensive list as every job is unique but rest assured whatever your needs we’ve got you covered.

      • Private and Commercial clients welcome

      • Exterior Walls

      • Window Frames and Sills

      • Doors

      • Porches

      • Steps

      • Frequently Asked Questions:

      • Will the paint be hard wearing and last?

        At WiseFlue Log Burners we always use products of the highest possible quality and we always prepare the surface in the correct manner before painting. Every possible step is taken to make sure your property’s finish withstands the test of time.

      • How often should I have my property repainted?

        All surfaces are different and have different requirements when it comes to repainting depending on levels of exposure to environmental factors, i.e. sunlight, rain, and air pollution. Our team of experts are on hand to answer any of your questions and to offer some helpful advice.

      • Which paint should I use?

        The type of paint used depends on what the surface is. At WiseFlue Log Burners we always supply and use the best product for the job. That way all you have to do is pick a colour and we will take care of the rest.

  • WiseFlue home extension service
    WiseFlue Log Burners are the best in the business when it comes to extensions.

    • An extension will radically improve your home. It will create extra living space and bigger rooms, which will add value to your property and make it more desirable to potential buyers.
      You've probably heard it before – the wisest investment you can make is to your home. The reason you have heard this saying once or twice is because it's true.
      At WiseFlue we have the skills and expertise to ensure that your homes new extension is built safely and efficiently to your exacting standards. Extensions built by WiseFlue are an excellent way to increase your home’s value and to maximise every inch of space

      • Side return extensions

      • Wrap around extensions

      • Rear extensions

      • Double story extensions

      • Frequently Asked Questions:

      • What different types of extension can I have built onto my home?

        There are lots of possibilities to be added to your home, such as, kitchen extensions, and side return extensions.

      • How long does it take for a set of plans to be approved for my extension?

        In general it takes 8 weeks for plans to be approved through planning permission. However, not all extension projects require planning permission

      • Can you do the entire job from start to finish?

        You can trust us to ensure that no task is left undone. We will get the job done from start to finish to the highest possible standard.

  • WiseFlue Garage Conversion service
    WiseFlue Log Burners are the best in the business when it comes to garage conversions.

    • WiseFlue Garage Conversions can convert your garage from a cold and underused space into a warm habitable room that will improve your lifestyle and add value to your property.
      We always pay the up most attention to each customers individual needs resulting in a hassle free conversion and a completely satisfied customer.
      We are proud to say that a lot of our work comes from recommendations from previous customers. Our commitment to customer care and satisfaction is second to none.

      • Full conversion of an integral single garage.

      • Part conversion of an integral single garage.

      • Double integral garage conversions.

      • Detached single garage conversions.

      • Detached double garage conversions.

      • Frequently Asked Questions:

      • Will there be any disruption to the rest of the house?

        None at all really 95% of the work is carried out within your garage. One of the last jobs we do is creating the opening from the house to the conversion and this is done in such a way to cause minimum disruption.

      • Is your company fully insured?

        Yes we are comprehensively insured.

      • Do I require planning permission for my garage conversion?

        Not all garage conversions require planning permission but it is imperative that you check with your local authority first.